Learn about Yoga Philosophy, Sanskrit, Chakras, Alignment, and so much more! Yoga is a never ending learning adventure, and MY OM is the perfect companion to your curiosity and study. In the app, you’ll be quizzed on your knowledge and learn as you play! Whether you’re a seasoned yogi, are in the midst of certification, or have been teaching for years and are looking to refresh and challenge your knowledge, MY OM is a fun and approachable learning tool.

MY OM Features:

  • Thoughtful questions on relevant yoga topics
  • Down to earth explanations of terms and concepts
  • A stored history of your progress which can be used as a study reference
  • Instructional videos to inspire your classes or inform your at home practice
  • Guided meditations with accessible durations and approachable instruction
  • Prizes and Prana Points!
  • A fun spinning wheel!

For less than the price of a Kombucha, you’ll have access to knowledge drawn from over 75 of the most referenced books and yogic texts! We’ve drawn from our own knowledge and experience as teachers and yoga students to create the app we wished existed during our teacher training programs, and beyond! We’ve included all of the most valuable information on the Yoga Sutras, the Eight Limbed Path of Yoga, Sanskrit, the Chakra System, alignment in postures, and so much more to help you on your path. We hope that MY OM will empower you to explore, ask questions, and learn more about your self through yoga! Namaste and let’s play!